Connectors for long-life applications

Jon Lawson

Molex has expanded current-carrying capabilities up to 23.0A with its new Mega-fit power connectors.

The new Mega-Fit power connectors provide far higher current density than existing mid-range power connectors and incorporate many features characteristic of Molex power products, including isolated terminals, polarised housings and positive housing locks.

Mega-Fit power connectors feature a patented split-box terminal design which offers six independent points of contact to provide long-term reliability through secondary current-path redundancy.

The power-dense split-box terminal design of 5.70mm pitch Mega-Fit power connectors incorporates high-current terminals and tight pitch and row spacing to produce more power per linear and square millimetre than any other mid-range power product currently available on the market.

As well as maximum current of 23.0A, electrical specifications include maximum voltage of 600V and contact resistance of 6 milliohms.

As there are six independent points of contact, the four redundant or sacrificial contacts allow the system to be ‘hot plugged’ at 48V/23.0A for up to 30 cycles.

Further features include an extended barrel conductor crimp providing extremely strong terminal-to-wire retention, offering the assurance of long-term reliability.

Fully isolated header pins and receptacle terminals protect against any potential damage during handling and mating.  To confirm that the receptacle and header are securely retained, Mega-Fit power connectors have positive locking housings which make an audible click when in the correct mating position.

The Mega-Fit power connectors can be used across multiple industries, including: industrial machinery and heavy equipment; industrial lighting and automation; unsealed electronic control modules and power converters  in commercial vehicles; networking and telecommunication hubs, servers, power supplies, and distribution equipment; consumer home appliances, such as washers, dryers, heaters and air conditioners.