Single and dual row connector and cable assemblies

Louise Smyth

Molex has introduced a series of single and dual row connector and cable assemblies designed to prevent failures due to terminal back-out and provide a secondary terminal retention feature.

The Micro-Fit connectors use terminal position assurance (TPA) technology ensures terminals are fully seated in the housing, and the Single- and Dual-Row Receptacles also act as an integrated secondary lock (ISL).

These two features combined virtually eliminate terminal back-outs resulting from common assembly errors.

The impact of terminal back-outs can range from customer frustration such as a faulty radio to sever, such as exposed live terminals, and result in liability costs to manufacturers.

Cost savings can be achieved by eliminating quality assurance checks to make sure terminals are inserted properly and avoid expensive service calls caused by badly fitting terminals, or back-outs.

The Micro-Fit TPA Single- and Dual-Row Receptacles are compatible with all existing Micro-Fit 3.0 headers and plug housings, enabling customers to incorporate the TPA design without making significant revisions or investments.

“With Micro-Fit 3.0 compatibility, customers can incorporate the TPA product into their application with a simple running change to the housing part numbers,” said Pierre Perez, associate product manager at Molex. “Being able to implement a superior component without making significant revisions or investments will positively impact a company’s bottom line.”

The single-row receptacle incorporates a one-piece housing, with no secondary pieces for reduced SKUs. Dual-row TPA receptacles use a two-piece retainer and accommodate up to 12 circuits today with 14-24 circuit products currently in development.

Receptacles have the same current rating as existing Micro-Fit 3.0 connectors and 3.00mm (0.12 in) pitch, for a high-power, low-pitch connection. Fully isolated contacts on each side of the interface prevent potential arcing.

Off-the-shelf Micro-Fit TPA Cable Assemblies save tooling start-up costs by providing complete assemblies that meet IPC (Association Connecting Electronics Industries) specifications.

Multi-colour cable configurations ensure correct connection, and UL 1061 discrete wires are ready for use in electronic appliance applications.

Cable assemblies are also 2011/65/EU RoHS compliant and assembled in ISO/TS16949-certified facilities to meet current automotive industry standards.

Single- and dual-row receptacle housings are currently available in a range of circuit sizes and are aimed at wire processors, consumer appliance manufacturers and automotive and other industries.