Keeping pumps running in extreme environments

Morgan’s MAT-240 material is suitable for extreme conditions which are intolerable to other carbon graphite materials

Rotary lobe technology is space-saver

Erwin Weber explores the latest advances in pumps that are designed for high volumes in a limited space

Bringing BIM offshore

Richard Fletcher outlines the advantages of Building Information Modelling (BIM) for the offshore industry

If it should be tailor-made, it will be!

Andreas Voss looks at the benefits of customised piping solutions

Intelligent valve actuation

M H Tang explains how a smarter approach to actuators is assisting Malaysia's economic transformation.

Understanding vibration

Neil Parkinson explains the six phases in understanding, correcting and preventing vibration-induced pipework failure

Procuring actuated valves

Gordon McNair explains the rigorous process involved in ensuring plants and assets get the right actuation package for the job

Optimising FPSOs in extreme environments

Wojciech Misiag explains the importance of understanding the environmental conditions at a site in order to determine when offloading operations need to be suspended or when an offloading tanker needs to be disconnected

Subsea inspection and repair technology keeps production at its peak

Companies specialising in subsea inspection, repair and maintenance are making major investments in new technology in order to maximise production from offshore assets. Sean Ottewell reports

Tick-tock feedstock - time to drive profitability

Ron Beck, Caleigh Holden and Vince Ye look at how to characterise and analyse crude assay data with breakthrough technology

Five-year agreement for OCTG technology

Sandvik and Tenaris sign new five-year strategic alliance agreement

Gas pipe portfolio completed

SABIC Vestolen A 6060 supports the gas distribution pipes industry to meet its challenges in safety, reliability and durability

Million-pound investment for engineering firm

Power Jacks invests more than £1 million in precision machining

Chemical cleaning for heat exchangers

Innovative chemical cleaning service will prolong life of oil and gas industry heat exchangers

Million-pound investment to meet growing demand

£1 million investment positions engineering division for rise in market activity

‘Dirty gas’ flow loop commissioned at technology centre

Corac commissions advanced test facility at CET’s Slough technology centre

New testing subject area for design engineers

Nondestructive Testing & Evaluation subject area launches

Rupture disc developed for duplex holders

Elfab’s Opti-Gard now suitable for even wider range of oil and gas industry applications



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