Shell side fouling innovation launches demonstrations

Louise Smyth

Tube Tech International has announced that its multi-million-dollar Shell Side Jet innovation has begun live demonstrations to the open market. The innovation, which is the result of a multi-million-dollar R&D investment, guarantees to remove fouling from the outside heat transfer surface of shell and tube exchangers for the first time.

Developed by Tube Tech International, with R&D funding from the Horizon 2020 programme, via the SME Instrument, Shell Side Jet has been created to meet the demands of the petrochemical market for a solution that can clean in-between shell side tubes. Its makers believe it will be the only technology able to tackle shell side fouling with guaranteed results.

Derek Sumsion, R&D Manager for Tube Tech International, says: “The live demonstrations of our Shell Side Jet solution is a huge milestone for us, prior to the system’s launch in March 2020. We have spent years researching and developing solutions to the industry’s most difficult fouling challenges, and we are proud to be demonstrating this unique service, which we believe is the first of its kind.  

“The technology includes a detection system that is able to indicate bent tubes and severely fouled areas, protecting the asset and ensuring a more precise clean. We are also able to offer the client detailed digital reports that include information such as the distance of baffle plates, location of damaged or broken tubes, volume of fouling, photos of before, during and after the clean, and an intuitive heat map.

“Using this system, we can restore assets to near design thermal efficiency, in turn reducing CO2 emissions and improving productivity, which will ultimately save millions of dollars a year for refineries across the world.”