Multi-screw pump portfolio expands

Jon Lawson

An application in media delivery can often be handled by using different pump types. However, optimum results and material-preserving transport require exact matching of the pump to the different parameters such as viscosity, temperature, NPSH value or shear sensitivity. Netzsch Pumps & Systems has therefore widened its portfolio of progressing cavity pumps and rotary lobe pumps by three model series of compact screw pumps: the Notos untimed twin, three and timed twin screw pumps.

Depending on the type, they are suitable for lubricating and non-lubricating products to be transferred at high pressures up to 80 bar and temperatures up to 350°C. They thereby cover a wide range of application areas – from lubricants to sealants and on to bitumen or resins – and thanks to their compact design they fit into limited spaces, as they are found often on vessels, offshore platforms or other production facilities.

Thanks to special materials, hydraulic compensation and geometry optimised through FEM simulations, all Notos pumps are designed for highest efficiencies and long operating life.

The core feature of the screw pumps from Netzsch is their High Efficiency Unique Design (HEUD), delivering a high power-performance ratio. In 2018 the IBExU Institute for Sicherheitstechnik confirmed that Notos multi screw pumps meet the requirements of explosion groups IIB and IIC (and therefore also explosion groups IIA, IIB and IIA) for ATEX certification. In addition, suitability for use in explosive atmospheres at ambient temperatures between -20° and +40° was confirmed.