Typhoon Valve System Wins ONS2018 Innovation Award

Low shear technology developed by Typhonix and used in the Typhoon Valve Systems is the Innovation Award Winner of this year at ONS2018 in Stavanger, Norway.

Mega-project technology

Peter Johnson explains why a big LNG project calls for an engineered solution

Talking torque

Pump and valve innovator finds a test rig technology that talks the torque


Sophisticated surface cleaning

Ken Rossy explains how to achieve 100% cleanliness in just one step

Material Monitoring and Reconciliation with Pipetrak IT

The sheer quantities and varieties of material that are needed to be procured, organized, dispatched and recorded during the lifecycle of a pipeline construction project can be mind-boggling.

Keeping plant control systems informed of manual valve positions

Rotork SPI keeps plant control systems reliably informed of manual valve positions

New small footprint pump line

These are designed for off-shore installations

Pipeline partnerships

Wanja Galewsky & Ramiz Selimbasic discuss a flexible piping system that offers operators an alternative to in-house solutions

Special delivery

Containers expert steps up to provide bespoke solution for an exceptional project

Pipeline valves get smart

The new generation of valve solutions; double block & bleed piping ball valves

Risk & rewards

When it comes to asset life extension, oil producers have discovered that a risk-based inspection approach can cut costs if it’s implemented properly. Now, says Anne-Marie Walters, it’s a matter of increasing the adoption rate

FSO installed

This lies in 71 metres off the Thailand coast

New TIG kit on the market

Bluetooth means these can connect to other devices



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