High-precision actuation solution for multiport valves

AUMA actuators for multiport valves in hydrocarbon service support up to 16 ports

Multi-screw pump portfolio expands

An application in media delivery can often be handled by using different pump types.

The Benefits Of Robust Pump Technology

When it comes to toxic fluid handling at offshore pump facilities, Thomas Neumann explains how robust pump technology minimises the risk of leakage when pumping condensate mixtures



How To Recover Energy In Crude Oil Pipelines

In some oil pipelines, pressure reduction systems are installed to guarantee a safe operation of converting kinetic energy into heat, but could it also be turned into electricity?

Tackling The Issues Of Entrained Gas

Coriolis mass flowmeters are increasingly specified for entrained gas applications and although they have challenges, leading Coriolis manufacturers have developed technologies that enable their meters to work with two-phase flow. Frank Grunert explains more.

How To Improve Shale Gas Well Pressure Stability

Liam Jones details how electric actuators powered by solar panels improve shale gas well pressure stability in USA

How To Fix Bearing Vibration In Offshore Motors

Learn how bearing vibration in an offshore 4MW thruster motor has been fixed through an innovative joint effort.

How Safe Are Flanges?

Welding is still the most widely recognised method for joining pipe systems together. However, there’s an additional connection technology that is worth considering: the High Performance Flange (HPF) system. Ramiz Selimbasic details this time-saving and cost saving alternative to welding.

Kazakhstan’s first world-scale GSU project

ILF Consulting Engineers supports KLPE to deliver strategic world-scale gas separation unit (GSU) and pipelines project

Novel solution in the fight against pipeline corrosion

Ed Hall reveals how a novel solution is helping in the fight against corrosion

Managing your warehouse without spreadsheets

Knowing your inventory is an absolute necessity and how well you manage it directly affects your bottom line.

Typhoon Valve System Wins ONS2018 Innovation Award

Low shear technology developed by Typhonix and used in the Typhoon Valve Systems is the Innovation Award Winner of this year at ONS2018 in Stavanger, Norway.

Mega-project technology

Peter Johnson explains why a big LNG project calls for an engineered solution

Analysing Valves And Pumps With Torque Transducers

Pump and valve innovator finds a test rig technology that talks the torque

New cleaning solution from Holdtight proves popular in oil and gas sector

Ken Rossy explains how to achieve 100% cleanliness in just one step

Material Monitoring and Reconciliation with Pipetrak IT

The sheer quantities and varieties of material that are needed to be procured, organized, dispatched and recorded during the lifecycle of a pipeline construction project can be mind-boggling.

Keeping plant control systems informed of manual valve positions

Rotork SPI keeps plant control systems reliably informed of manual valve positions

Fuel storage facility expands in Amsterdam

Flexible terminal is for more than just gasoline



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