Novel solution in the fight against pipeline corrosion

Ed Hall reveals how a novel solution is helping in the fight against corrosion

Managing your warehouse without spreadsheets

Knowing your inventory is an absolute necessity and how well you manage it directly affects your bottom line.

Typhoon Valve System Wins ONS2018 Innovation Award

Low shear technology developed by Typhonix and used in the Typhoon Valve Systems is the Innovation Award Winner of this year at ONS2018 in Stavanger, Norway.


Mega-project technology

Peter Johnson explains why a big LNG project calls for an engineered solution

Material Monitoring and Reconciliation with Pipetrak IT

The sheer quantities and varieties of material that are needed to be procured, organized, dispatched and recorded during the lifecycle of a pipeline construction project can be mind-boggling.

Keeping plant control systems informed of manual valve positions

Rotork SPI keeps plant control systems reliably informed of manual valve positions

Scottish 3D printer opens for business

Start-up uses Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing technology

New order for reinvigorated steel works

Over 20 miles of pipework destined for gas project

New oil research lab opens in Rio

The focus is on recovery techniques from Brazilian carbonate rocks

Straight flowmeters in demand for oil and gas applications

Frank Grunert explains why straight tube Coriolis mass flowmeters are increasingly specified in oil & gas applications

The ‘what, where and how’ of gas monitoring at refineries

Bengt Löfstedt reviews the ‘what, where and how’ of gas monitoring at refineries

Benefits of a chemical injection package on vibration emissions

Yves Marinoff describes how a chemical injection package enables MEG injection for extraordinary requirements on vibrations and noise emissions

Collaborate against Corrosion

An advanced anti-corrosion coating is being used successfully on two North Sea offshore platforms

Bearing requirements for offshore facilities

Questions to consider before making a purchase

Commissioning process underway for Korean LNG vessel

A High Integrity Pressure Protection System is being installed



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