Talking torque

Pump and valve innovator finds a test rig technology that talks the torque

Sophisticated surface cleaning

Ken Rossy explains how to achieve 100% cleanliness in just one step

Material Monitoring and Reconciliation with Pipetrak IT

The sheer quantities and varieties of material that are needed to be procured, organized, dispatched and recorded during the lifecycle of a pipeline construction project can be mind-boggling.


Keeping plant control systems informed of manual valve positions

Rotork SPI keeps plant control systems reliably informed of manual valve positions

New Isolast perfluoroelastomer sealing materials

These are designed for the oil & gas markets, where larger seals are required

Major North Sea order accelerates Liberty pipe mills comeback

The contract amounts to over 13,000 tonnes of production

New cargo tank coating

This fast-drying epoxy is aimed at the offshore oil and gas industry

Floatover success for Aasta Hansteen

The world’s largest Spar platform receives its 24,000 ton topside

Crystalliser vessel trial begins

The unit is designed to process acid gas fields containing large amounts of carbon dioxide

Resounding success

Thierry Couturier explains how ultrasonic testing is a safer alternative for radiography in pipeline inspections

Enhanced Valve Control at Tank Farm

The Shell Oman Marketing Company is using technology from AUMA to automate 74 valves at a tank farm near Muscat, Oman.

Simplified service solution

Ramiz Selimbasic explains a service concept that makes it much easier for users to deliver oil- and gas-related projects

Powerful pump solution

Progressing cavity pump with submersible drive prevents blowout and environmental impact from leaks

Lasting protection

An innovative coating approach is providing a long-term solution to fighting corrosion in petrochemical coastal assets

Sophisticated seals

High-tech compounds help protect against explosive decompression

Cool cleaning concept

Louise Smyth reports on the company that is bringing dry ice blasting to the oil & gas sector

Is AI in your pipeline?

Jane Zavalishina explains how AI can decrease risk and boost efficiency for oil and gas companies in 2018



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