Food processors shine with stainless steel motors

With ever more plant and machinery used in food production, storage, processing and logistics, OEM engineers are looking to design-in cleanliness. Motor expert Bill Bertram explores the issues

Scale-up for process engineering

Temperature control under constant conditions for all applications from research lab to shop floor

Bakery saves €27,000 per year with new bearings

Producer was experiencing failures every six weeks with approximately 36 bearings being replaced every year

Keeping cooling towers running

Motor-drive package for cooling towers eliminates gearbox failure

Foot controls for extreme environments

Able to withstand high-pressure cleaning, mechanically robust and corrosion-resistant

New freedom in the operation of machines and plants

Ergonomic comfort and flexibility enabled via wireless hand control

Boosting cooling tower price-performance ratio

Engineered plastic cooling towers offers unmatched performance plus design options and factory support

New design for tube couplings

Functional design for optimum handling during installation

Managing tough to handle waste waters

Hydra-Cell excels in zero liquid discharge (ZLD) systems

New visualisation capabilities

Advances in Phast software help streamline hazard analysis

Versatile valves

Valves play a key role in process optimisation and their importance should not be overlooked, says Silvyo Lang

Release the time and cost pressure

Gauging the benefits of rupture discs over valves. By Michael Lloyd

Coke goes green

Ian Elliott reveals how electric process control valves contribute to Coca-Cola Enterprises’ environmental improvements

Test kitchen demos thermal processing technologies

Enables large and small food processors to test advanced cooking and chilling systems



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