Speed: everything you need to know

Online Editor

Istec has published a new book about speed measurements and overspeed protection: Speed. The book covers topics such as speed measurements, overspeed protection, sensor types, functional safety & SIL, and the API 670.

The book is now globally available free of charge in both hard copy edition here and soft copy edition here

There is a limited availability of information regarding speed measurements and overspeed protection on rotating machinery. Istec aims to broaden this availability by providing knowledge and expertise related to speed measurements and overspeed protection on rotating machinery. By providing informative knowledge articles, case studies and an extensive best practice guide, Istec has made complex topics more practical and comprehensible. 

Wouter Verschuren, director of Istec says: “We focused on the engineers who are tasked with managing speed protection systems as part of a job description that is ever growing in both complexity and size. We hope to enrich their technical sources with accessible information and provide them with the arguments to help their companies make solid decisions regarding speed protection."

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