New heating/cooling table

Hillesheim's latest development is a portable heating/cooling table

A sweet solution

Confectionery company case study for Mucon

New Modbus TCP/IP interface for electric actuators

A new Modbus TCP/IP interface allows integration of Auma’s electric actuators into Industrial Ethernet (IE) environments

Optimisation in filter press feeding process

Richard Layes and Jörn Scharnweber present a case study on the variety of benefits that can be achieved via innovative process optimisation

Folding blade mixers

Solves the problem of products stored in IBC containers that need to be regularly mixed to stop separation and deposits

Intrinsically safe transmitter

HygroFlex5-EX (HF5-EX) series consists of a robust aluminium transmitter with or without display

Finished for leak prevention

Seal and equipment manufacturers face unique challenges in high vacuum environments, or in those with explosive and toxic gases. However, a new surface finishing process now virtually eradicates leak paths

Advances in nanotechnology drive process advances

Nanotechnology is at the heart of many new developments, enabling process companies to manufacture products as diverse as novel fuel storage units, organic light emitting diodes, and more efficient tyres

The steam trap

Even small steam leaks add up significantly over time. Here, Hans de Kegel looks at a planned approach to saving energy and costs

Reliable separation of fluids

GEWA-safe tubes enable the manufacture of very compact heat exchangers, thus reducing material costs and fill levels

Smart supressors

High efficiency explosion suppression of large volumes and elongated vessels

Experts join forces in pervaporation technology

Pervatech and Philips Ceramics have announced a partnership to offer new membranes

Second all-electric bending machine for pole manufacturer

UK grab pole manufacturer installs its second Unison CNC tube bending machine

Advanced bearings cut life costs of dry vacuum pumps

Bearings are key components in dry vacuum pumps – their reliability and operating life have a significant effect on pump operating costs. Nick Dowding discusses how bearings can play a pivotal role in reducing whole life costs of dry vacuum pumps

Intelligent vacuum pumps

Designed to deliver peak performance at common operating pressures in industrial applications

New option for variable area flowmeters

The VA40 WIM provides a 4…20mA output for variable area flowmeter with glass measuring tube

Leaking agitators repaired with sealing solution

Case study on how a sealing expert provided a permanent solution for a paper mill that had leaking agitators. Jason Putnam reports



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