Process Equipment

Getting flour to the baker

Continental hot air compressor hoses for the safe discharging of silo trailers

Talking torque

Pump and valve innovator finds a test rig technology that talks the torque

Contactless radar level sensor

Installed at critical control point on a feed hopper over 8m high and around 5m square at the bottom


Modern motor replaces imperial-spec units

Shaft, keyway and mounting holes had to be replicated

Food-grade inspection line expands

This hunts down metals, stones, glass and dense plastics

Avoiding recalls due to contamination

Some thoughts on lubrication in the food process industry

Fast response and accurate analysers

Latest generation of analysers are proving popular for gas blending applications

New high-capacity nitrogen generators

These offer purity levels up to 99.999%

Machining with CO2

Simultaneously lubricating, cooling and cleaning with CO2 snow

Solving segregation

Terry Stemler discusses how to solve material segregation in batch mixing processes

Breath of fresh air

Florian Brahler reveals how a busy plant uses 100% oil-free, water-injected and water-cooled screw compressors in its mineral water production facilities

Heat transfer fluid selection

Dr Chris Wright weighs up heat transfer fluid properties and cost

Boost to productivity

Booster compressor improves energy efficiency under heavy-duty operating conditions at Taiwanese chemical company

New 500g grease cartridges

These are specified to work with Lithium XL Complex and Libra XL EP2

Upgraded compressor targets food production

Oil-free unit has an optional integrated dryer

New steel fire protective coating

This has been formulated to dry quickly

New flowmeter for liquid in pipes

This comes with clamp-on transducers for non-invasive measurement

New low-cost industrial thermometer

This features a visible laser beam for targeting

New control valve booster system

This is designed to increase the stroking speed



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