Click-in design for disposable infusion flow sensor

The connection between disposable sensor element and reusable part offers a quick and easy solution for communication and mechanical integration of the sensor

Measuring vapour permeability

System measures permeability of almost any material against virtually any gas - from water vapour to hydrocarbons and from solvents through to hydrogen, oxygen and CO2

Rugged two-wire I/P pressure transmitter

Converts a signal pressure input into a precise 4-20 mA or 10-50 mA output with 0.1% typical accuracy

Electronic surface sensing thermostat for hazardous areas

Raychem ETS-05 thermostat provides accurate temperature control and monitoring for heat-tracing installations

GSM-based autonomous measuring system

Marcel Gautschi reports on an advanced measuring system that features remote data transmission

Measuring humidity in extreme conditions

The latest generation Humicap sensor provides reliable measurement even in environments with high humidity or chemical contaminants

Optical measurements of SO2, SO3 and other gases

A focused beam of light shoots across the stream and the spectral traces that process gases leave are analysed

Flame detectors protect metal production plants

Requirements for manufacturing high grade steel components create a variety of special fire hazards

Interlocks minimise opportunities for human error

Interlocking systems are vital to ensure that process operations occur in the correct sequential order. Minimising the possibility of human error, they protect workers from injury and property from damage. Sean Ottewell reports

Understanding sensors within a fluid control system

Kieran Bennett looks at the range of sensors available, the different technologies used in their design and how the application affects the specification

Process gas trend analysis

Hiden HMT residual gas analyser is conceived to offer a single partial pressure gauge to operate through the full vacuum spectrum

Kit turns column level indicators electronic

Installation of the SLCK kit enables control of minimum and maximum level or operation of an alarm/light at the reference positions

Measuring viscosity wirelessly

If precise mixing is a crucial process variable, viscosity measurement may be the most accurate way to ensure optimum performance. But rotating mixers can lead to very tangled wiring, so here Mark Ingham looks at wireless options

New multi-pyrometer system with data logging

Calex Electronics launches its latest touchscreen pyrometer hub

Complete portable industrial emissions analyser

New combustion analyser announced by US specialist E Instruments

Portable non-contact thermometers

AMETEK Land has launched the latest update to its Cyclops family of portable, high-precision, non-contact thermometers – the Cyclops L

Thermal imaging in food processing

The need to accurately monitor the temperature of foods in the cooking, chilling and freezing processes has made thermal imaging the quality control method of choice for many manufacturers. Chris Brown reports



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