New linear valve actuator

Cowan Dynamics has introduced its newly expanded E2H series electro-hydraulic linear valve actuator. The electro-hydraulic actuator combines the best of both worlds of electric actuators and hydraulic actuators for control valve automation.
The E2H replaces the need for separate, bulky hydraulic systems and complex hydraulic piping. In addition, it can replace MOV (electric actuators) where 100% duty cycle, high speed, and fail-safe requirements are of primary importance.

Controlling multiple actuators

The control panel can be mounted remotely and control multiple valves thereby providing significant cost savings. It is ideal for hazardous area locations and gives plant technicians the flexibility to mount the control panel in a safe zone. Valve performance data for multiple valves can be accessed from a single control panel or access remotely.
Key features of the E2H include: thrust up to 282,600 lbs; 100% duty cycle; stroke range up to 36”; On/Off or modulating service; emergency shut-down (ESD) capable; and remote diagnostics/data logging.

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