New measurement tool introduced

Louise Smyth

In many applications within the process, food and life sciences industries, the smallest amounts of a substance must be measured and added with a high degree of accuracy – whether in piping or in chemical reactors. Flavouring for foodstuffs, active ingredients for pharmaceuticals or corrosion-inhibiting substances in oil production are just a few examples. The newly developed Promass A measures such substances drop-for-drop with excellent precision.

The new tool delivers precisely measured values with impressive repeatability, even in cases where process and ambient conditions fluctuate significantly. This is thanks to its innovative sensor concept.

Promass A is light and compact – with no losses in performance or robustness. It is therefore ideally suited for space-saving installation, for example in modular process facilities and skids.

The sensor system is mounted on a base plate that acts as a ‘shock absorber’, effectively shielding the Coriolis measurement from outside interference, e.g. from pipe vibrations. Other contributing factors are the oscillation frequency of the measuring tube, which is considerably higher than that of traditional Coriolis flowmeters, and its completely balanced oscillation behaviour. At a specified maximum measured error of ±0.1%, high precision measurements down to 8g/min are possible, or – if the maximum error is permitted to be ±1% – even a quantity of less than 1g/min can be measured.

Thanks to the variety of device options, such as nominal diameter, material, process connection, certification, transmitter type or degree of protection, Promass A can be used in numerous applications. Its light and space-saving design means it can also be easily installed in extremely tight spaces, such as in skids. There are many process connections available, such as flanges, lap joint flanges, couplings, internal threads or Tri-Clamps. It can be used at process temperatures between -50 to 205°C.

It features high corrosion resistance and is ideally suited for applications in the chemical and process industry.

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