How to ensure safety in the workplace

Some thoughts on the role of training and technology

New portable battery pump for hydraulic torque wrenches

This is designed for places like mines where extension cords could be dangerous

The all-in-one package for the reliable insulation of older mining engines

Worn insulation on mining machines increases the risk of fire and thus the dangers for humans, machines and image.



Mine safety partnership yields new product

The Collision Avoidance Solution (CAS) is for open-pit applications

Health and safety trends in global mining

Autonomous technology continues to develop

The cost of owning an AODD pump

Why these are particularly suited to the mining industry

Dust control strategy in limestone mine prevents fugitive dust emissions

Mark Strebel explains how a dust control strategy in a limestone mine is preventing fugitive dust emissions

Claddings guarantee fire and accidental contact protection for engine compartment

David Dimmock reveals how claddings help to achieve more safety and efficiency for the ‘giants’ of mining

New mining safety innovation

Tracking advances improve longwall performance

New respirable crystalline silica rules due in June

Some thoughts on how to reduce the dust

Robust joints mean longer service life

Tyron Adam reveals how progressing cavity pumps speed up the delivery of ammonium nitrate emulsion in mining applications

Safer sensing solutions

Introducing a range of multigas detector products for mining applications

Seal materials tested for optimum performance

Water-based hydraulic fluids are widely used in mining where the potential for fire could cause catastrophic consequences

Smart safety system for trucks

Todd Ruff reports on how a smart safety system for water trucks is also delivering impressive productivity data

Huge testing system for underground explosion prevention

Testing system will enable underground mining machines and devices to be tested for explosion safety

Particulate pollution meter

Suitable for monitoring pollution in burning plants, petrochemical facilities, thermal power plants, mining facilities, metal refineries



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