New radar level transmitter from Krohne

Louise Davis

Krohne has launched a new radar level transmitter for powders and dusty atmospheres. The Optiwave 6500C delivers continuous high measurement in silos, hoppers and containers, checking bulk storage in the mining, minerals, chemicals, power, paper, food and beverage industries.

The radar offers several advanced features, including an 80 GHz (FMCW) band width radar and a 70mm lens antenna, making it useful for environments with low-reflective media. With a measuring range extending over 100 meters, the Optiwave 6500C is a good choice for uneven surfaces or tanks with obstacles.
Other advanced features include PEEK lens antennas with both concave and convex lenses for distances up to 100 meters and a large backlit LCD screen with a 4-button keypad, ensuring flexibility for different radar usage.  




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