The all-in-one package for the reliable insulation of older mining engines

Jon Lawson

Worn insulation on mining machines increases the risk of fire and thus the dangers for humans, machines and image. There is a threat of long downtimes and increased insurance premiums. Mine operators can’t avoid the renewal of outdated insulation if they want to stay economical. This process can be performed smoothly with Tmax-Retrofit.

6 steps to more protection
Tmax-Retrofit is the comprehensive carefree package that brings outdated insulation in mining machines up to date. In just six steps, your engines will be fitted with high-temperature insulation systems that meet the highest standards for safety and efficiency.

1. 3D-Scan
The perfect fit of the exhaust gas and turbocharger cladding is a prerequisite. It is only possible to construct the right solution when the engine’s 3D profile is available. This is why our first step involves the three-dimensional capture of the engine. The results of the scan are used as the basis for preparing digital 3D models.

2. Reverse Engineering
Based on the scanned 3D profile, we now develop a CAD model of the engine. For this we first generate a polygon network in STL format from the available data. This is converted into standard geometries and free-form surfaces. From these attributed surface models and own on-site photos, we can then create a CAD model in the STEP or IGES format.  Once the virtual model is complete, we have all the needed data to develop reliable exhaust gas or turbocharger cladding for your engine.

3. Design and Simulation
Now starts the classic design process which our customers have always trusted. Based on the present model, our experienced designers develop a durable exhaust gas/turbocharger cladding which reliably lowers the maximum surface temperature below 220°C and even below 100 °C, depending on requirements.
Our simulation possibilities make this process particularly economical for you as well: Through modal analysis, for example, we can calculate the vibration behavior of a virtual component and determine the ideal layout before producing a prototype.

4. Manufacture
When the design is finished we start with the production of the insulation system. Thanks to the depth of production and available expertise, this step is also entirely performed at Thermamax.
First, we produce a prototype. In our own test lab, we first perform various tests on all materials and components to ensure their high quality in practical applications.
Now your individual Tmax exhaust gas/turbocharger cladding is ready to use and can be installed. The most important benefits at a glance:

  • Efficient fire protection
  • Temperatures up to 60 °C are possible
  • Efficient fire protection for people and machines
  • Increased reliability
  • Time-saving installation and dismantling due to modular design

5. Installation
Our specialists install the exhaust gas/turbocharger cladding – first the prototype – on your engine. From now on, your mining vehicle will have a durable insulation system that is reliably safe.

6. Thermography
To ensure that the new insulation system also has the required properties, we perform a thermography at the end.

Tmax-Insulation Cladding comprises three components in a cassette design: the outer shell, the insulating material and the inner shell. The non-jacketed components are thermally insulated. Hydraulic oils or other flammable liquids such as diesel no longer come in contact with hot surfaces. In that way Tmax-Insulation Claddings provide effective fire protection for new and older engines in construction and mining equipment.