Impact resistant glove for oil/gas/mining and utilities

Paul Boughton

The new TOG4B/G in either blue or grey is a TPR impact resistant glove with cut 4 level protection developed for high performance hand protection in the oil and gas industries. It is also of great value as PPE for the utility and mining industries where it delivers cut protection throughout the glove – ie, the whole hand/finger/cuff, by virtue of its advanced Alkimos yarn technology.

TPR pads in soft silicone provide excellent protection to the backs of both hand and fingers while reducing fatigue resulting from the lower energy needed to deflect them in gripping/releasing. This greatly enhances comfort and grip agility while maintaining the high level of flexibility and dexterity for which Aquila gloves are well known.

Sand embedded nitrile is used to coat the whole palm/finger/gripping area for a secure hold on heavy equipment even under wet conditions. Velcro closed cuffs make it easy to fit or remove the TOG4B/G fast, even in an emergency.

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