How To Prevent Dropped Object Hazards

Dropped object (DO) incidents present a major safety risk within both on- and offshore oil & gas environments. Rob Schlipper details how to choose a cost-effective barrier to dropped object risk.

New approach to managing hazards off-shore

DNV GL to detail the next generation of verification

Column sampling system sniffs out VOCs

Vaporised sample can be preconcentrated using a trap for automated detection



New offshore training for the Oil and Gas sector

Bender UK upgrades insulation monitoring training

This is the latest riser monitor

New system is for water-air boundary

Welding purging zones restricted

This new valve regulates the pressure and flow of gas

Gasket seal eliminates emissions from flanges

New design was tested at 650ºC at a pressure of 40 bar

New relief valve from Weir Oil & Gas

Autonomous event reporter is Wi-Fi-enabled

Partnership aims to improve gas provider’s mechanical integrity

PinnacleART and Metegrity aim for OSHA-compliance

Testing LPG for sulphur compounds

New analyser from Chromatotec also sniffs out 123 VOCs

Update to global weather service

Oil & Gas industry users now have access to more datasets

How To Monitor Toxis Hydrogen Sulphide Gas Wirelessly

This is designed for use in remote locations

New aromatic compound detector

This is aimed at the Oil & Gas market

Piper Alpha changed personnel safety issues forever

The importance of safety cultures in oil & gas

Using technology to prevent the risk of fire offshore

When it comes to fire safety, technology can be deployed to ensure that a small fire does not become a big one, explains Andy van Vloten Martin

New hazardous area inspection software

Cloud-based app has been designed with an ATEX certifying body

Autonomous robots patrol explosion risk areas

Chemical sensors sniff out gases around petrochemical plants

New barrier for marine oil spills

This is designed to be wide enough for rough sea use



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