Column sampling system sniffs out VOCs

Louise Smyth

Chromatotec now has a headspace sampling system designed to extract representative samples from the liquid phase. The vaporised sample can be preconcentrated using a trap to achieve quantification at very low concentration levels (ppb and/or ppm). Then, it is injected automatically and in continuous mode into the auto-GC analyser. Speciation of sulphur compounds or VOCs is done with a MEDOR sulphur specific electrochemical detector or a FID respectively. The complete system allows online analysis without human intervention.

This technology can be used for a wide variety of applications in the oil and gas industry. It allowed controlling the effectiveness of the LPG odourisation process with DMS and TBM, to alert in case of leakage. In aqueous mode, it has been applied for the analysis of acrylonitrile. This polymer is used in plastics, fibres or as a component of additives to enhance oil recovery. This sampling system reduces the risk of polymerisation of its monomer, acrylamide, avoiding the clogging of the column.


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