New offshore training for the Oil and Gas sector

Louise Davis

In response to market demands and recent growth in the Oil and Gas sector, Bender UK has enhanced its offshore survey and training capabilities. Bender’s insulation monitoring devices are a vital part of the critical infrastructure for offshore installations such as static platforms and FPSOs.   

Insulation monitoring provides an accurate assessment of the overall ‘health’ of critical electrical systems such as control, safety and fire and gas systems. In some cases, Bender UK has learnt that systems are not used effectively, with additional training for maintenance teams on ungrounded IT systems being requested so engineers can respond to alerts. 

The company has improved and refined its offshore engineering survey’s and training services, which are carried out by experienced offshore certified applications engineers to locate, classify and analyse earth faults on oil and gas platforms or vessels. 
Designed to address earth fault problems faced by operators of offshore oil and gas installations and reduce the cost of non-productive time (NPT) that runs into millions of pounds each year.

Bender is working with oil and gas operators on a range of control systems, electrical distribution networks and historic devices to help classify and eradicate faults and improve system health. Insulation monitors make it easier to manage the integrity of topside critical power and communications systems, enabling intervention to be planned with minimum disruption to plant operations. Customers can also utilise Bender portable fault location equipment which automatically locates ground faults in ungrounded AC and DC systems. 


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