New relief valve from Weir Oil & Gas

Louise Davis

Weir Oil & Gas has announced the introduction of its SPM SafeEdge Automated Relief Vale Control (ARC) System. The intelligent valve system enables operators to remotely set and control SPM’s line of back pressure relief valves while monitoring treating-line pressure and helping prevent over-pressuring of treating iron. The SafeEdge ARC reduces nonproductive time through its autonomous reporting and monitoring capabilities while enhancing personnel safety.

SPM SafeEdge ARC is one component of Weir SafeEdge, along with the SPM Flow Line Safety Restraint (FSR) System. SafeEdge helps minimise the occurrences and impact of site incidents caused by over-pressured iron. It is part of Weir Oil & Gas’ Total Iron Offering, which also includes high-pressure flow iron and valves for operators across the globe and time-saving RFID technology with the AMP mobile app which reduces iron inventory time by 97%. The entire offering is backed by Weir Edge Services with stocked trailers for on-site access and engineered repair services.

The new SPM SafeEdge ARC is more compact than its predecessor and equipped with a network infrastructure built into a durable field case that allows the operator to control the system through a web interface and Wi-Fi-enabled device. 

With five millisecond monitoring and recording capabilities the valve can react and relieve pressure faster than other like systems currently available in the market if a pressure-relief event occurs, the SPM SafeEdge ARC system automatically logs high-speed data locally and publishes it to a secure web portal. Quick reset and adjustable reaction filtering help minimise downtime. The new design also reduces N2 consumption while improving valve sealing surface life and repeatability. As operators can perform these functions away from the flow line, in-field safety is increased.

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