Nitrogen freezes pollution-filled pipe

Safe removal prevents contamination of rural area

Waste water treatment trialled in Scotland

The technology uses bacteria which eat pollutants

Effluent treatment technologies can help companies reduce energy and water costs

Dr Richard Coulton explores the key effluent treatment technologies and how they are being used

New External Mix Atomising Spray Nozzles

This patented design stops the liquid flow when the pressure is off

New single-beam total suspended solids sensor

This is for process and quality control in industrial and municipal wastewater applications

Making sense of a sea of utilities data

How digital twinning in the water industry is providing a philosophical management shift

New platform for disinfection sensors

This chlorine dioxide sensor supports disinfection for clean drinking water and pathogen-free cooling water

New high flow pump with material options

Pump head choices for the seal-less models include brass, 316L stainless steel, ductile iron and polypropylene

Improving pump station efficiency

England's largest area reservoir sees major reliability improvement

Pump protection

New grinder is designed to fragment a variety of materials

New single-stage centrifugal pump

Improvements include better shaft sealing and bearings

New ultrasonic flowmeter

This device is designed for use in industrial, process, power utility, fresh water and steam circuits

New rotary screw concept

This is aimed at water utilities

Graphene turns whisky clear

It's all good fun, but with serious implications for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries



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