Is this a world first for water treatment?

Jon Lawson

Flowrox has launched Corona, the first industrial water treatment technology in the world that utilises non-thermal plasma. Plasma generated oxidants effectively remove colour, odour and organic residues while disinfecting the water. The design was one of the finalists for the Aquatech Innovation Award 2019, the so-called ‘Oscars of the Water Technology Industry’.

It turns direct plasma oxidation into an industrial product. The design ensures a very large plasma/water contact area and offers efficient removal of pollutants. Its robust reactor core tolerates introduction of difficult wastewaters and requires no air pretreatment or compressors to produce and deliver the oxidants to the water. The reactor core is made of stainless steel and there are no moving parts, which makes Flowrox Corona a very low-maintenance system. The plasma electrodes are not corroded by the process and the hydrodynamic design provides a very high contact surface area.

This approach eliminates the need for transportation, storage and handling of risky disinfection chemicals, thereby mitigating costs and environmental risks.

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