New WiFi-enabled water leak detection system

Jon Lawson

Kinetico is venturing into leak detection with the release of its Leak Detection & Automatic Water Shut-Off System. 

It includes a Wi-Fi connected hub, sensors and a shut-off valve that is installed on a water supply. When a leak is detected, the valve shuts off the water supply within seconds to prevent water damage. Interaction with the system can be done on site or remotely via a smartphone app. Additional accessories like a Range Extender or Valve Cover are also available if needed.

Leak and flood damage is one of the most common homeowner insurance claims in the US with high deductibles and $8,000 as the average claim. 

The Kinetico Leak Detection System is expandable and customisable, based on a consumer's needs. It's a ZigBee certified product that continues to protect even when power is out. The system is compatible with major smart home systems such as Alexa, Google Assist and Nest.


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