Atlas Copco launches variable speed drive pump

Louise Smyth

Atlas Copco has announced a new entrant in the world of liquid ring vacuum technology with the launch of its LRP 700-1000 VSD+ range of intelligent liquid ring vacuum pumps.

Ideally suited to wet, humid and dirty applications, the LRP VSD+ is a departure from the classic liquid ring pumps available in the market today.

“The LRP VSD+ not only brings energy and water savings to our customers, but also saves on space. Its compact design and small footprint allows users to save space without having to sacrifice any vacuum performance“, explained Alistair Darroch, product manager, liquid ring vacuum technologies. This pump contains a large number of performance-optimised components that would normally be supplied as accessories, often taking up additional space for piping and installation. With the LRP 700-1000 VSD+, these components have been integrated into the pump element to maximise space saving.

The soundproof housing significantly reduces noise pollution in the immediate working environment. Indeed, with operating noise in the range of 65dB(a) the LRP VSD+ is an extremely quiet liquid ring pump. Along with noise reduction, the sturdy canopy and cubicle ensure that the pump and internal electronics are effectively protected against dust and water. 

Variable speed drive technology 

The variable speed drive technology integrated into the LRP VSD+ is unique. The twin VSD system operates in harmony within the pump, ensuring optimal vacuum performance at all times. The primary VSD accurately maintains required vacuum levels by controlling the operating speed of the pump, matching pump performance to process demand and saving energy. The second VSD regulates the water circulation pump in response to the operating conditions seen. 

“Intelligence is a key feature of the LRP VSD+”, continued Darroch. “Our patented features and unique algorithms balance the operation of the water pump with the speed of the main motor. This guarantees that the pump always delivers peak performance while maintaining maximum energy efficiency.”

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