Flowmeter Gets An Upgrade To Become Remote

Jon Lawson

Titan Enterprises has launched a combination package of 800 series turbine flowmeter and Pulsite Solo display unit as a replacement for the 800 Series Displaying Turbine Flowmeter (800D).

This new combination provides more versatility, more information and the possibility of remote display reading when the flowmeter is situated in an inaccessible or environmentally unfriendly location. 

Compared to the display used on the 800D, the Pulsite Solo display unit offers better resolution as well as enunciators to confirm the units and settings selected. Power consumption is less and the display can be located remotely from the flowmeter. Programming on the Pulsite Solo is simple using the 2 front panel keys and following the prompts on the LCD display. 

When used with battery power life is estimated to be well in excess of 5 years when the Pulsite Solo is used as a flow totaliser. With rate readings, the life will depend on the duty cycle but is still several years. The Pulsite Solo can also be externally DC powered if required, for example when used with an electronic sensor such as a standard Hall effect device. This versatile flow indicator will take frequencies from DC through to 2KHz and scale them to display rate or total. The scaling factors are adjustable from 0.01 to 9999 and the time base is selectable as seconds, minutes or hours.




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