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Assessing permanent reservoir monitoring system

Critical analysis during the development of wet-end array of fibre-optic seabed seismic sensing system

Record year for UK manufacturer of small wind turbines

Evance Wind Turbines doubles size of UK manufacturing facility and grows workforce by 25 per cent

Wireless autonomous data loggers LOG-HC2-RC

RF transmissions save the user wiring costs, and useful data can be recorded quickly and easily

73 wind turbines with hot climate option for 150MW project in US

Delivery and installation scheduled for the second half of 2012, says REpower

Wind turbines: electric linear acutators off performance solution

Maintenance requirements dramatically reduced – a key issue when wind farms are located offshore

Bearings selection and calculations for wind power plants

The procedure for bearing selection and calculations are fundamentally different from selecting bearings in other application areas

Wind turbine maintenance

Helping companies meet tight deadlines with flexible service for large bearings

Wind energy generator technology transfer

Weg in joint venture with M Torres Olvega Industrial to manufacture wind energy generators

Nuclear site land delicensed

Site is being decommissioned and restored by Babcock-owned site licence company RSRL


Filling in missing information for offshore engineers

Survey companies are investing heavily in new equipment in order to improve their accuracy and to perform better in inhospitable environments. Sean Ottewell reports

Seismic surveys progress worldwide

From Malta to Mongolia, a raft of new seismic surveys have been announced. Sean Ottewell reports

Plug-in for petrophysics interpretation

A plug-in has been developed which will lead to improved well-to-seismic ties, more robust models and the more accurate interpretation of 3D seismic

Latest trends in seismic acquisition technology

Global spending on seismic has reached 7 BUSD in 2011, and is expected to increase by ~30 per cent. This investment is a result of the need for more, better and cost-effective data, and the response of the seismic industry is strong, with innovative solutions being developed to meet this challenge. Eric de Graaff explains

Borehole seismic: using multiple stacked geophones

William Wills discusses some of the advantages of employing multiple stacked geophones within a borehole seismic monitoring system in order to accurately map fracture induced microseismic events

Successful interpretation of seismic data

Powerful software solutions are essential to interpret seismic data successfully. Here we look at what the major players have got. Sean Ottewell reports

Discoveries boost well resource estimates

Oil and gas exploration companies are having success with new wells ... which is good news for their associated suppliers. Eugene McCarthy reports

Production from US shale reserves forges ahead

Hydraulic fracturing is helping the US to exploit major shale reserves that will have a major effect on the country's energy balance. Sean Ottewell investigates

Meeting insulation requirements: 'on demand'

As energy costs drive up the demand for insulation, automated profiling systems give insulation fabricators the ability to deliver customised pipeline and equipment coverings on a just-in-time basis. Ed Sullivan reports

Responsible chemical development is required for fracture application

Jonathan J Wylde on a chemical additive used in hydraulic fracturing