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Novel energy storage system

Highview Power Storage uses liquid air as the storage medium

Coating advances corrosion protection

An enhanced two layer corrosion protection process has been developed by AUMA actuators

Biomass: Unlocking the supply chain

Forum for power producers, investors, technologists and reseach and development

Researchers shed light on magnetic mystery of graphite

Finding how make graphite magnetic could be first step to utilising it as a bio-compatible magnet

Complete sub-assembly and control panel manufacture

Multi-technology integration; reduced costs and time to market

VIDEO: What is social media – and what are the benefits to your business?

Video covers the basics about what it is and how to use it to best effect for marketing in a business-to-business context

VIDEO: Improving power station longevity

Wear protection: ceramic, metallic and polymer linings on hoppers, transfer chutes, bunkers, feeders and trifurcator sections

VIDEO: Petrobras P-57 super platform comes on stream

WEG supplied P-57 included medium voltage panels, low voltage panels, motor control centres) and medium and low voltage dry-type transformers

Flexible conduit protects power and data for station

Station roof will feature more than 4,400 of photovoltaic panels that will produce over 1MW of electricity

Refineries in Europe face further turmoil

Roughly 40 per cent require refurbishment in order to continue refining profitably

The quest for straighter holes

German basalt quarries choose Sandvik 60 for longer service life and higher penetration

Nordex awarded contract for 30MW wind farm in Spain

Contract is based on a framework agreement entered into with power station operator Eolia Renovables

Electricity access still insufficient in developing countries

Lack of access to electricity results in health, environmental, and livelihood challenges, says Worldwatch Institute

Wind industry becoming 'a powerhouse of job creation' at all levels

Samsung announces £100 million UK wind turbine project creating 500 jobs – its first such venture in Europe

First project with new subsea pile guiding frame

Successfully completed in Waimea field offshore Brazil

World’s first bamboo mobile smartphone

'ADzero’ is made from four year old organically grown bamboo specially treated for durability

Bag placer retrofit

Project involved upgrading an automatic bag placer that had been operating with a near obsolete PLC

Energy saving 150W medical power supplies

Meet global 60601-1 Ed 2 & 3 safety approvals for medical equipment

Silicone inflatable seal with built-in antimicrobial properties

Added layer of protection in food processing, medical and scientific applications and other high-performance environments