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Better control through predictive behaviour

In order to optimise plant operations at its chemical production facility in Spain, Solvay looked for a partner to help increase production and achieve better control through predictive behaviour

Optimise planning of piping systems using CAE

Ulrich Feldhaus on how computer-aided engineering (CAE) programs allow reliability planning to be enhanced significantly

Innovative pH electrodes with iodine/iodide reference system

Dr Michael Lange provides an overview of pH electrode technology and discusses how the latest advances in iodine/iodide reference systems have changed the way pH measurements are performed

Intelligent motor centres help reduce downtime

Advances in intelligent motor control centres now allow for the detailed diagnostics needed to improve maintenance schedules and reduce downtime. Sean Ottewell reports

New materials offer speciality solutions

From aircraft interiors and cosmetic lotions to outdoor furniture and body armour, the demand for lighter, tougher materials solutions continues to drive demand. Sean Ottewell reports

Control of flow properties

The technique of shear testing has been utilised to optimise the flow behaviour of powdered snack flavours

Maximising heat exchanger uptime in aggressive environments

Operational capabilities of heat exchangers in chemical plants can be affected by a number of factors not least of which is the aggressive nature of the cooling medium. Knut Tersmeden reports

Personal protection equipment for plant safety

When it comes to plant safety, personal protective equipment is an essential feature. Crucial among such equipment, reports Sean Ottewell, is the reusable respirator

Reverse acting rupture disc

HPX rupture disc from Continental Disc Corporation is a high precision reverse acting rupture disc offering proven performance

Zero fugitive emissions

Global air quality standards, protecting public health and environmental concerns are increasingly hot topics not only for the politicians, but for your business success. Roger Bours reports

Gas-tight gauges reduce VOC emissions

A new portable electronic gauging device is accurate, lightweight and can operate in completely closed conditions

Tank container is economical and ‘low-carbon’

Tank containers represent the most energy-efficient and environment-friendly way of moving intermediate quantities of bulk liquids and gases


SIPOS Aktorik – The established global actuator supplier.

A highly competent supplier for standard valve applications, SIPOS Aktorik has carved a specialism in the actuation industry supplying variable speed solutions. The company meets the needs of both customised actuator applications and bespoke requirements. Industries supported include the water and power markets.

Captive fastener suits 19-inch rack front panels

FDB Panel Fittings says its captive Snap-Joiner fits standard 19-inch rack cutouts, enabling rapid assembly and removal

High-performance thermoplastic copolyester uses renewable resources

Arnitel Eco is a new bio-based, high-performance thermoplastic copolyester from DSM Engineering Plastics for applications currently using conventional rubbers

PCB connectors are rugged and compact

Harting is introducing har-flex connectors for board-to-board and board-to-cable applications requiring from six to 100 pins

Selector enables hybrid materials to be analysed

Granta Design's CES Selector 2010 offers a new Hybrid Synthesizer add-on tool to enable users to investigate alternative material configurations

Report analyses market for industrial Ethernet nodes

IMS Research has published a report into the market for industrial Ethernet nodes between 2008 and 2009, with forecasts for 2010 to 2014

Servo motor and drive is claimed to be smallest

Faulhaber's new 2232/2250…BX4 CSD/CCD brushless DC servo motors with integral motion controller are just 22mm in diameter and 32 or 50mm long