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Fishery inspection surveillance vessel for Angola

62m Nngola Kiluange launched at Damen Shipyards Galati

Motor industry welcomes decision not to change vehicle testing frequency

Change was 'unnecessary' and posed considerable safety issues, says Retail Motor Industry Federation

Closing the UK aerospace and manufacturing skills gaps

63 per cent of UK employers in manufacturing are already experiencing difficulty recruiting individuals

Smart energy tool provides fuel savings for cruise ferry

ABB to provide energy management system for new Viking Line ferry

How robots can play a role in Europe's economic recovery

Whilst Europe waits to see how the problems with the Euro will be resolved, there is a technology that could help Europe to recover from the recession, and that is robotics. Jon Severn discussed this with Dr Shinsuke Sakakibara, the President of the International Federation of Robotics

Learning lessons from motorsport

With the automotive industry being so competitive, it is not surprising that motorsport remains an important platform for research and development. Alistair Rae reviews some of the new components

Magnetoresistive random access memory is an attractive alternative

With manufacturers striving to extract more performance from electronic devices, there is an accelerating trend towards alternative types of memory. Paul Stevens considers magnetoresistive random access memory (MRAM) and some of this technology's variants

Choose portable memory for embedded systems

Victoria James provides a series of guidelines to follow when choosing portable memory devices for use in embedded systems

Precision cold forming receives a warm reception

Jon Severn investigates how precision cold forming has the potential to help manufacturers reduce component costs by up to 70 per cent

Cutting the cost and time associated with custom fasteners

Alistair Rae looks at some recent developments that are helping designers to reduce the cost and lead time for custom fasteners

Chrome free surface coatings for bolts and other fasteners

Rudolf Knott and Dr Jochen Schneider look at the benefits of using a chrome (VI)-free coating for the surface protection of high-strength steel fasteners

The invisible tape

Christina Barg-Becker reports on an adhesive innovation for fixing cells within crystalline solar modules

Hermetically sealed connectors you can always rely on

Hermetic sealing is crucial in preventing gas leakage in numerous operating environments and applications, especially those exposed to vacuums and high pressures. Christophe Boillat reports

Better belts for driving and timing

Power transmission systems often use belt drives of the V, multiple-V or synchronous type, and the technology is generally thought of as mature. Paul Stevens examines the incremental improvements being introduced

Accurate cage selection

Cages are key to reliable, long term bearing operation, says Gary Hughes

High-performance motors dispense with expensive rare-earth magnets

Applications ranging from servo motors for industrial automation, through to electric and hybrid vehicles, are often reliant on rare-earth magnets. Jon Severn investigates why the price of these magnets has risen so much and reviews some developments that could help to alleviate the problem.

Linear progression: using linear motors

Machine builders often have to create linear motion, for which the default choice is generally the use of a rotary motor and mechanism to convert the output to linear. The option to use linear motors is often overlooked, so here Andy Parker-Bates looks at the features and benefits of the technology

Replace, upgrade or retrofit - a designer's AC drive dilemma

When redesigning a motor-driven application, a vital decision has to be taken: do you replace, upgrade or retrofit the application's drives? Heikki Kervinen looks at the choices

Early specialisation deterent to railway careers

More than 80 per cent say current training and development practices can also limit career paths, survey finds

Tier 4 compliant industrial diesels

Kim Mulder outlines the benefits of a new range of engines which comply with latest emissions regulations