New hydraulic jar launched

Paul Boughton

Specialist downhole tool provider Peak Well Systems has launched the Hydraulic Jar with its inverted upstroke feature for high-angle, standard wireline or wireline fishing operations when installed as part of a standard or fishing toolstring.

Compared to alternative jars available, the design of the Peak Hydraulic Jar ensures minimal debris influx during upstroke so that high performance is achieved, even in high debris environments.

The internal workings of the Hydraulic Jar are located in the upper section of the assembly. Any debris that has entered the outer housing simply falls to the bottom of the tube and away from the critical working components.

It provides infinitely variable and sustained jar forces when deployed with a Peak Accelerator, and achieves optimal performance even in high-angle, deviated wells if aligned with Peak’s fluted roller centraliser sub, WellGlide. The simplicity of the Hydraulic Jar, with minimal working parts, means that it is simple and easy to redress in the field.

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