Electronic cutter launched

Paul Boughton

Specialist downhole tool provider, Peak Well Systems has launched the eCutter, an electronically activated, power-charged, non-explosive cutter for severing slicklines and cables downhole. The eCutter is activated via an electronic timer and trigger module, making it ideally suited to deployment in highly deviated and complex geometry wells. It does not rely on impact or explosives, unlike many other cutters available today.

The new non-impact tool uses the same field-proven cutting technique as Peak’s alternative impact-driven cutter that was launched in 2013. Importantly, it offers the same high performance of being able to cut all types of industry wire up to 5/16” heavy duty Dyform cable. Peak’s products are also field-redressable which offers a significant cost-saving to customers.

The company offers activation with a range of pre-set countdown times. An LED operability indicator located within the tool provides confirmation of controller functionality and timer commencement on surface. The result is a powerful and clean cut, inches away from the top of the toolstring. The eCutter can then be retrieved quickly from the well on the recovered upper section of cable to which it is assembled, enabling the Sub-Surface Safety Valve to be re-instated, and making the well safe until fishing operations can be carried out to recover the lost tools.

Nanda Koestoer, electronics project manager at Peak, commented: “It was apparent from the outset of development that the industry wanted a safe and reliable cutter that didn’t rely on explosives. Peak now offers two cutter options depending upon the intended application and well geometry - both are non-explosive.”

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