New tool for slickline operations

Paul Boughton

Specialist downhole tool provider, Peak Well Systems has developed a new multi-action pulling (MAP) tool that will further simplify offshore slickline operations and reduce inventory. The MAP Tool is able to pin up, release or recover a wide range of downhole equipment fitted with external fishnecks without the need for any additional specialised tooling, thus simplifying inventory, improving operational efficiency and reducing overall cost.

The new MAP Tool complements Peak’s existing range of multi-action tools, designed to increase functionality and flexibility for slickline operations.

The design of the new tool features a robust latch system to tackle a range of external fishnecks with varying threads and lengths. Powerful latch fingers together with an adjustable core extends the reach of the tool, giving it a short, medium and long reach capability suitable for any situation. 

Further flexibility has been introduced with three different run options: Jar Up, Jar Down or Double Jar Down modes to release the fishneck in hole and eradicate the risk of prematurely shearing the pins. This is the first time that the Double Jar Down option has been made available in a universal pulling tool.

The MAP Tool replaces the functionality of six different tools used currently. A fully adjustable core means it can adjust its reach to suit any fishneck and an external latch release sleeve allows the tool to quickly release at surface with no special tooling required. The tool also incorporates its own priming mechanism and does not require a separate pinning tool to compress the main spring in order to fit the shear pins. Moreover, it has also identified catch positions for all fishing neck configurations from Rope Socket, to Sucker Rod to all proprietary quick lock connections.

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