Computer Systems

A New Approach To Prototyping

The importance of accurate prototype manufacture cannot be overstated.

Rugged computer solution impresses

The new PIP40 generation is based on the latest CPUs that Intel has introduced

Using 3D Modelling To Overcome Innovation Challenges

Meeting customer requirements and design for manufacture challenges using innovative practices



Universities combine for diagnostic engineering project

UK and Chinese institutions team up to create a research network

The evolution of high performance computing

Some thoughts on what engineers need from the cloud

Upgrade to design software announced

This offers the ability to perform multi-study optimisations

Why engineering graphics matter more than ever

Some thoughts on the differing requirements of FEA and CFD

New software packages for designers and engineers

These platforms for simulation-driven design feature cloud collaboration

Engineering project scoops two global awards

New braille printer honoured

AI For Improving And Aiding Product Development

Speeding up research and development with artificial intelligence

Robot ships can now avoid collisions

This research project has proven that on-board AI can make important decisions as well as a human crew

Upgraded thermal simulation software

This incorporates VR to help with visualisation

Virtual component testing on the horizon

Swansea University is heading a research project to see how accurately 3D X-ray imaging can form image-based simulations, sidestepping the need for physical verification


This is aimed at agricultural machinery

Tiny chip for enhanced autonomy

This features custom-designed circuitry for image recognition and CAN bus communication

Scrutinising the surface

New advances enable advanced roughness, geometry analysis and step heights to be checked more accurately



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