New CFD system for meshing novices

Jon Lawson

Creative Fields has announced the release of CF-MESH+ 2.2. It is a fully automated CFD meshing software solution that features a powerful set of tools and functionalities for generation of quality CFD meshes in arbitrary complex geometries of industrial interest.

It comprises advanced meshing workflows with an easy-to-use front-end interface allowing for superior efficiency. The implemented methodology generates meshes with millions of cells within minutes for geometries of real-world interest.

“Our focus was on helping users without much expertise in CFD meshing generate meshes with high-quality boundary layers in real-world industrial geometries,” said Franjo Juretic, Head of Development and Managing Director at Creative Fields.

CF-MESH+ 2.2 features advanced meshing capabilities that allow generation of industrial quality meshes in fully automatic fashion. The meshing setup is designed to be simple and intuitive with an easy-to-navigate graphical user interface for novice users. The volume mesh density can be controlled locally by using a multitude of refinement sources available in CF- MESH+.

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