CC-Link plans to strengthen its position in Europe

The CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) has major developments to unveil at the SPS IPC Drives 2013 Fair in November

Closed-loop pressure control

TESCOM ER5000 Series brings accurate, repeatable pressure control automation to a wide range of applications

Reacting to fickle food trends

The food manufacturers who are successful in today’s fast paced, ever changing industry are the ones who can capitalise on fast moving trends, optimise their efficiency and productivity, best manage their supply chain logistics, and minimise waste. Chris Evans looks at how advanced automation technologies can help

Automation key to process optimisation

Whether the drivers are efficiency, safety, or hygiene, automation is at the heart of efforts by companies optimise to their processes. Sean Ottewell reports

Taking the logical way forward

Joanne Banks highlights some recent additional functions added to the latest generation of LOGO! logic modules - widening the fields of application considerably, as well as simplifying configuration tasks

Automation key to process optimisation

Whether the drivers are efficiency, safety, or hygiene, automation is at the heart of efforts by companies optimise their processes. Sean Ottewell reports

Controller designed for water treatment systems

The mxControl unit automates control of process variables within water treatment systems such as boilers, coolers and reverse osmosis plants

Gaining energy intelligence

Enhancements to software lets users make more informed decisions about energy usage

Linear actuators ensure precise positioning

Dynamic handling of transformer core sheets to repeatable high accuracy requires robust, large-scale machinery

Process controllers aid plant diagnostics

The latest process controllers improve plant diagnostics, helping to speed up and simplify the plant automation experience. Sean Ottewell reports

Thyristors simplify control of heating loads

Handles heating elements for applications such as ovens and furnaces, heat treatment

Honeywell launches next-generation Experion Process Knowledge System

Remotely configures process and safety systems without the need for additional hardware

Controllers tackle all aspects of plant operation

Every aspect of plant automation depends on a variety of different controllers. The latest releases tackle every aspect of plant operations, including aggressive conditions. Sean Ottewell reports

Powerful wireless solutions expand plant flexibility

Sean Ottewell reports on how new wireless solutions are helping process operating companies to increase gateway functionality, improve long-distance monitoring, and link in to ever more plant devices

Linking machinery safety products to fieldbus

UE-EFI gateways can be used to connect machinery safety products to safety and conventional fieldbus networks

PID module mounts on control platform

SIM960 analogue PID controller is latest addition to the company's SRS SIM modular instrumentation and control family

Control platform offers potential savings

Kontron OM6062 double-width industrial MicroTCA integrated platform features a simplified design that enables costs to be reduced



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