Honing Process Engineering With IntelliRoll

Louise Smyth

What if there was a cost-effective way to check your engineering systems and get the data right to your smartphone?

Whether you’re processing ore, selling sand, making mushroom compost, or measuring ingredients, the one thing all efficient processes have in common is the collection of accurate data.

As processes scale up to industrial size, a small discrepancy in one place can mean big economic losses further down the line. Real time accurate numbers ‘in the moment’ are relied on.

A huge array of measurement equipment exists for managing process flow, speed, mass and much more. What would data on your smartphone allow you to do? How could you use that to tune your process? Thanks to forward thinking engineering, integrated automation is reaching new heights with the IntelliRoll.

Introducing IntelliRoll

In a coal mine nestled in the dusty plains of Southern Queensland, the operators had a problem. The operation of the mine involves extracting a mixture of ‘product’ and ‘reject’ material then separating these two components effectively. But something was missing. A whole lot in fact. Their integrated, ‘state of the art’ technology wasn’t able to pick up the finer data they needed.

They needed a simple way to separate the flow rates as effectively as separating the product itself. Their ears pricked when they heard there was a solution. They took on a new technology: a fully autonomous weigher inside of a single roll. With wireless connectivity to their existing systems and simple installation it was a no-brainer. A small change in the form of a bright yellow roller made a big change in their process. Able to place this tiny weigher in between the chutes on their conveyor gave them a weight read out that let them hone their process to optimise real-time output of usable product.Conveying mushrooms

For another company in the mushroom growing industry, accuracy is important in making the best quality compost. Clever equipment created specifically for doing this at a large scale required a concertina conveyor which prohibited conventional accurate weighing due to space. A completely wire free weigher inside a roll was perfect for their specific situation. An innovation with easy installation was the key. Supervisors now had the ability to use their smartphone app to monitor and inoculate each batch correctly without changing their processes.

The Need For Data Collection & Analysis

The need for data collection and analysis is a vital tool for designing and monitoring effective and efficient processes. With the rise of industrial internet of things (IIoT) technology and integrated manufacturing systems, the demand for real time monitoring is rising.

Efficient processes need to be constantly managed and observed if industry is going to be able to minimise losses and increase economic gains. In increasingly automated systems, humans still play a vital role in the management of processes. To do this they need the best tools. These must be fast and easy to use, with the flexibility to be fit in a variety of situations.

As a specialist with over 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing reliable and accurate belt weighers, Control Systems Technologies’ (CST) new product, IntelliRoll, aims to be a game-changer in the process engineering industry. Like all CST engineered products, IntelliRoll is made in Australia to client specifications. Each unit is pre-commissioned in factory to specific conveyor size and belt speed, which enables CST to create the perfect IntelliRoll for each situation.

It is a problem-solving product designed by the passionate CST engineering team. It enables process operators to believe in the power of having easy access to accurate process data.