Upgrade from Fisnar for dispense controller

Louise Davis

Fisnar has upgraded its DC100 Digital dispense controller. 

It is designed to suit a variety of dispensing applications, from microdot deposits and lines to larger potting and filling.

The model now utilises a high precision regulator from a leading manufacturer of pneumatic equipment. The SMC IR series precision regulator is widely regarded as one of the most high-performance units on the market with regards to its pressure relief characteristics and constant pressure control.

With a regulator sensitivity of 0.2 per cent and a repeatability of +/-0.5 per cent, it can achieve exceptional levels of repeatability. Robert Campbell, Global Product Manager explained: “The pressure regulator in a dispense controller is one of the most critical internal components to ensure fluid deposits remain consistent to guarantee high levels of process control.

“This upgrade has been implemented as a result of our effort to provide high quality dispensing equipment that aligns with the current industry demands in the market.”



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