Daily data collection provides new opportunities to improve

In today's complex chemical environment, companies are always looking for new opportunities to improve production. Holger Schwarzer reports

More features for Aprol process control system

B and R is making a number of changes to its Aprol process control system to improve usability and add innovative new features

Catalogue details 65,000 mechanical components

Misumi's 2009 catalogue of mechanical components for factory automation runs to almost 3000 pages and includes 65,000 products

New Modbus interface module for miniature server

Compulogic is launching a new Modbus interface module to expand the capability of its Picoserve range of miniature web servers

Control solution for machine builders

Connected Components is built around a core of MicroLogix PLC’s, PowerFlex 4 class drives and the newly developed PanelView Component HMI

Multi-axis control module speeds time to market

With its ease of configuration and reduced wiring requirement, Festo's new CPX-CMXX intelligent multi-axis control module will help OEMs to build machines faster

Belt-driven slide is compact and economical

New from Techno is the compact, lightweight and low-cost ZF1 Belt Drive Slide for factory automation applications

Laser fork sensors offer accuracy and reliability

Sick's latest WFL fork sensor uses an accurately focused laser sender and receiver housed on either arm of a precise and robust metal housing

Manual control device gains AS-I interface

Jokab's Safeball control device for one- or two-hand control systems is now available with an AS-I interface

System migration: make sure you improve control, not just replicate

Ian Heathcock looks at the market drivers that are forcing businesses to confront system migration as a reality; what companies need to consider before making the leap and highlights some of the key principles to ensuring a smooth control system migration

Core 2 Duo panel PCs are very cost-effective

Amplicon claims that its Senses 6100 units offer the best price-to-performance ratio of any industrial panel PC on the market today

New multi-axis motion and machine controller

Trio Motion's new MC464 multi-axis controller features a 64-bit, 400 MHz Mips processor with 200 MHz DDR memory

Three-jaw grippers open 180 degrees

By opening 180 degrees to clear the workpiece, AGI's AGA grippers enable automation cycle times to be reduced

Field-mountable RTU controller offers high availability

GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, a unit of GE Enterprise Solutions, is introducing its new PAC8000 RTU (remote terminal unit) controller, a rugged, field-mountable platform

Remote I/O module is sealed to IP67

B and R is launching the X67 I/O modules with IP67 protection for decentralised machine control systems; designed for harsh conditions

Pressure sensors: aid easier development

Pressure-sensing MEMS dies offer OEMs a cost-effective route to the development of new or upgraded pressure sensors

Tool changer eliminates the need for multiple robots

Staubli is introducing the MPS 32 automatic tool changing system that enables one robot to perform multiple tasks within a production cell

Software environment for configuring automation and safety functions

B and R is introducing the Safedesigner development and configuration tool for safety functions, which runs within the Automation Studio development environment

Programmable controller for thickness and coplanarity measurement

For thickness, height, roundness, flatness or coplanarity measurements, where signals need to be synchronised and processed



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