New excavators to launch in January

Liebherr R 9100 B and R 9150 B: machine upgrades to increase productivity and reduce cost per ton

New coal hauler with increased payload

High dump clearance makes for handling at a lower cost per ton

Graphene nanotubes use increases

A range of industries including mining are benefitting


Graders get GNSS control to aid accuracy

Optional on-site lasers improve positioning further

Remote maintenance for mining machinery

New monitoring schemes allow machines to keep working while diagnostics take place

Impressive results from quarry project

The Electric Site research project is near Gothenburg, Sweden

New electric-drive mine trucks

These have a 320 or a 400 ton capacity

Mining milestone reached by autonomous vehicles

Over a billion tonnes of iron ore, copper and oil sands have been transported

Hauling in Horokiwi

Major road infrastructure work is under way in Horokiwi, New Zealand, and Bryce O’Sullivan Contracting is busy sourcing rock for asphalt at the Horokiwi Quarry with the help of two articulated haulers

Real-time gas monitoring

Carl J Kamme reveals how mining applications can benefit from direct optical monitoring methods

Breaking their own records

Christian Schorr-Golsong reports on record-breaking ropes that have even surpassed their creators’ expectations

The digital evolution

Adele Huard & Gabriel Janakaraj explore how the development of innovative technology has enhanced operations in metals mining

Putting a shine on chrome mining

A team of excavators is the centrepiece of a new mining venture in Madagascar that is extracting thousands of tonnes of chromite ore a day – and helping improve the lives of neighbouring villagers at the same time

Titans in Texas

Erik Zimmermann explains how two surface miners are bringing light to South Texas and Northern Mexico

Smarter surveying

A real-world case study from a copper mine in Kazakhstan showcases the merits of UAVs in modern mining operations

Simplified servicing

Tyron Adam reports on how a beneficiation plant in Zambia has saved US$1 million deploying modern, simplified pump technology

Flying High

Internationally renowned drones expert Robert Garbett explores how mining technology is driving the evolution of the drone industry



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