Controlling CaSO4 scale in AMD Minewaters

As well as water shortage issues the environmental aspect of mining is one that is increasingly becoming more prominent. Here’s how to overcome it.

The Case For Environmentally Friendly Taphole Clay

What if you could create a THC with no tar or resin, making it a truly environmentally friendly THC without sacrificing the operational performance?

Engine Replacement Maximises Mining Vessel Uptime

Since 2002, diamond mining operations in Namibia have taken place in larger volume offshore than onshore, as gemstones washed into the Atlantic Ocean over millions of years are dredged and processed



Using Industrial Wireless Technology In Mines

Sagar Chandra explains how industrial wireless network technology can empower underground mines on their path to digitalisation

Real-Time Mining Reporting

Introducing a breakthrough digital application for real-time integration in open-pit and underground mines.

Advances In Mining Vehicle Automation

Jon Lawson reports on the latest developments in automating mining vehicles.

How a smart methodology improves mineral recovery

How a smart methodology improves mineral recovery

What is the latest technology for purification of dry non-metallic minerals?

Paul Fears details the latest technology for the purification of dry non-metallic minerals

Why is power supply equipment an underestimated link in extraction?

Karol Bartodziej explains why power supply equipment is an underestimated link in the extraction process

ABB offers new portfolio of tools to realise the world's most efficient mines

A new portfolio of tools aims to realise the world’s most efficient mines

Producing strategic minerals from mine waste

New technology for producing strategic minerals from mine waste

New surface miner achieves maximum performance in soft rock

Erik Zimmermann reveals how a new surface miner achieves maximum performance in soft rock

Indonesian tin mine deploys rugged trucks

With a tin mining operation that battles against a tropical climate in Indonesia, rugged trucks are being deployed to maximise production

Has diesel had its day in mining machines?

Jon Lawson explores whether diesel has had its day in mining machines

Hydraulic actuators provide solution when operating slurry pipeline valves

Sarah Kellett reports on the challenges faced when operating slurry pipeline valves and how hydraulic actuators prove to be the ideal solution

New excavators to launch in January

Liebherr R 9100 B and R 9150 B: machine upgrades to increase productivity and reduce cost per ton

New excavator from Caterpillar

Improved fuel consumption and ease of use targeted in new model

Volvo shares its five technology secrets

What positioning systems do mining machines most benefit from?

Updated cold planers from Cat

These now comply with EPA Tier 4 Final and EU Stage V emission standards

WEG creates a new series of slip-ring motors

These are specifically for the mining and cement industries



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