Hyperspectral imaging technology for UAV pilots

Louise Smyth

Headwall from Belgium and geo-konzept of Germany are creating a Centre for Hyperspectral Remote Sensing in Europe (CHRSE). It will be located at geo-konzept’s headquarters in Adelschlag, Germany. The new centre will support the implementation and utilisation of hyperspectral imaging technology combined with other sensor technology such as LiDAR and high-precision GPS focusing on agriculture, mining, environmental monitoring and infrastructure inspection applications. 

The facility features large areas for unmanned drone flights and certified unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) pilots available to test and demonstrate hyperspectral imaging technology in application-specific environments and to train the next generation of UAV operators. The centre also offers indoor meeting areas to develop applications together with researchers and users and to train data analysts utilising hyperspectral imaging technology to come to better, fact-based decisions to manage their applications.

“Headwall focuses on providing UAV-based solutions for critical agriculture applications ranging from plant phenotyping to early detection of crop disease. We have established a broad portfolio of hyperspectral and multispectral sensor solutions purpose built for harsh environments,” said Christian Felsheim, Headwall’s European Area Business Director.

“Our partner geo-konzept has accumulated great experience bringing multi-modal sensing technology into demanding applications in the field. Researchers and customers will find that this new Centre for Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Europe will be a great place to develop application-relevant solutions for their needs.”


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