New Compact Track & Series Skid Steer Loaders

Louise Smyth

Caterpillar has announced the release of 16 new Cat D3 Series Skid Steer Loader (SSL) and Compact Track Loader (CTL) models. These new machines deliver improvements in operator experience and track loader stability. 

In an industry first, the D3 Series models also support a line of new Smart Attachments. This technology recognises certain attachments and tailors the controls and operator information to match the tool and the task.

Entering and exiting the new D3 Series loaders equipped with an enclosed cab is now easier thanks to a wider opening cab door. Additionally, the distance between joystick pods has increased by 3 in (76 mm), offering extra space for the operator inside the cab to deliver a more comfortable experience.

New Cat D3 Series CTLs deliver improved operating stability while handling heavy loads, grading or truck loading. Changes to the undercarriage frame and torsion axles reduce machine pitching and rocking.

All Cat D3 Series CTLs feature standard two-speed travel to improve performance at the mine. They are geared to deliver high torque digging performance as well as higher top-end speed for travel. The Cat 279D3 and 289D3 loaders boast an 8.4 mph (13.6 kph) top-end ground speed, a 20 per cent increase over their D Series counterparts. The 239D3 and 249D3 models are now built with 2 speed transmission as standard, versus the previous single speed, increasing travel speed by 9 per cent and aligning these models with the rest of the two speed equipped CTL model range.

Cat SSLs and CTLs offer advanced control features that include Return-to-Dig and Work Tool Positioner to assist operators with repetitive tasks like grading, digging, and loading. These items are now bundled together with the dual direction self-level feature so that even more operators will be able to take advantage of features that automate machine functions to allow these tasks to be completed with less expertise.

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