Ethernet routing switch for extreme environments

Initially developed for bespoke mission critical applications in the defence, rail, aerospace and sub-sea markets

Calibration offshore improved with decade boxes

RBB series features a re-engineered lightweight case designed for high impact resistance and protection

Valve positioners suitable for SIL 2 applications

Siemens believes its new Sitrans VP300 valve positioner is the first on the market to offer SIL-certified partial stroke testing

Independent selection and test of corrosion inhibitors

Integrity management has become a vital aspect of all oil and gas facilities design and operation. Dr Tim Illson explains

The IEC 61511 revision: functional safety comes of age

The independent Safety Users Group has drawn together industry experts in a discussion about the revisions currently being made to IEC 615111. The resulting video offers practical insights into the proposals and is available free online. Sean Ottewell reports

Peristaltic pump delivers flow rate of 3180 l/hr

Verderflex has launched the Dura 35, the latest addition to the Verderflex Dura range of peristaltic hose pumps.

Pressure sensors on short lead times

GE Sensing and Inspection Technologies is introducing the UNIK 5000 family of pressure sensing products that can be custom built form standard components

Fault diagnostics in gas turbines

Condition monitoring of the gas path of gas turbines, whether it be in the airline, marine or stationary (electricity or mechanical drives) business, plays an important part in the plant operator's performance and profitability

Cutting the cost of flaring with dynamic simulation

A combination of dynamic simulation and safety instrumented systems can remove the need for the costly increases in flare capacity. Ian Willetts and Abhilash Nair explain

LIMS key in Russian oil and LNG recovery project

The decision to standardise on one laboratory information solution (LIMS) is helping Sakhalin Energy to improve both production and transportation at its Sakhalin II oil and LNG recovery project in Russia's Far East

Condition monitoring is insurance against unforeseen downtime

Condition monitoring systems and automatic lubrication systems for bearings can reduce the risk and costs associated with unforeseen breakdowns to critical processing

Network access key to high precision process monitoring and control

New routers, modems and cables are transforming access to networks and simplifying data transfer across all production processes. Sean Ottewell reports

Efficiency drives major investments in automation and control technology

Operating companies continue to invest heavily in automation and control technologies, both for new plants and revamps, in the drive for better efficiency, as Sean Ottewell explains

Condition monitoring solution for rotating equipment

DART 1 offers an effective way of monitoring rotating equipment and associated machinery.

New method for precise and reliable analysis of oil

Petrochemical regulations are becoming increasingly strict and are demanding lower levels of quantification for key elements

Rig floor PCs: portable HMIs for zone 1 on offshore platforms

Low-glare displays ensure optimum readability in direct sunlight

Complete sub-assembly and control panel manufacture

Multi-technology integration; reduced costs and time to market

Automation improves intelligent field operations and plant operability

Automation providers are focused on improving intelligent field operations, plant operability and safety. Eugene McCarthy reports



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