Large orders for actuators expert

Louise Smyth

The Freeport LNG project in Texas is a major undertaking that is transforming an import terminal into a natural gas liquefaction and liquefied natural gas export facility that will be the largest in the USA.

Rotork is supplying several hundred pneumatic actuators on the project for valves in sizes up to 1,730 mm (68”). The largest of these require the direct mounting of GP-350 spring-return actuators measuring 5.8m in length and weighing 9 tonnes. The pneumatic actuators were manufactured in Lucca and shipped to Houston, where the packaged control panels were designed and manufactured using Rotork branded products. These included Soldo switchboxes, YTC and Fairchild boosters and Midland-ACS filter regulators and pilot valves.

Most of the applications are in aggressive and challenging environments demanding corrosion resistant, proven and reliable product solutions that can be configured to suit diverse requirements including fire-proofing.

Specifications include on-board control panels for failsafe operation, partial stroke testing and closed-loop feedback systems. The successful fulfilment of these challenges with all-Rotork products is an illustration of the company's comprehensive scope of supply and the synergy between its different divisions, offices and manufacturing plants around the world.

The Freeport LNG project is a joint venture between CB & I (Chicago Bridge & Iron Company), Zachry Group and Chiyoda International Corporation. Construction of liquefaction trains 1, 2 and 3 is well under way with commercial operation of the first train expected in 2018.


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