Application flexibility with guided wave radar

Paul Boughton

With its new Sitrans LG series, Siemens Industry is offering a flexible portfolio of guided wave radar transmitters suitable for virtually any type of industrial application.

The modular design of the four basic versions, Sitrans LG240, Sitrans LG250, Sitrans LG260 and Sitrans LG270, with numerous configuration options, allows for level measurement in the oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries.

The modular radar transmitter covers a broad application spectrum for the measurement of liquids and interfaces, from aggressive materials to hygienic conditions and complies with SIL2 safety standard.

Sitrans LG’s high frequency microwave pulses are transmitted down a rod or cable, offering reliable measurement with up to 2mm accuracy in applications with corrosive vapours, steam, foam, surface agitation and/or liquids with high viscosity, low level, and varying dielectric or density.

Installation is simple with the device’s range of pre-configured options, including customised enclosure materials, process connections, approvals and communication options. Users will be operational in minutes, with four-button programming directly at the instrument or through remote configuration with Siemens Simatic PDM (Process Device Manager) via HART communications protocol.

Sitrans LG240 was specifically designed for hygienic applications in the pharmaceutical or food and beverage industries and has the required EHEDG, FDA and 3A certificates. The Sitrans LG250 is ideal for a wide range of liquid level measurement, such as those in water treatment applications. The Sitrans LG260 version accurately measures levels of solids, granulates and powders, even with extreme dust. In particularly harsh environments with high temperatures up to 450°C or high pressures up to 400 bar (5800psig), such as those in the chemical or petrochemical industry, the Sitrans LG270 is the best choice.

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