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Safety of pipeline systems at the heart of the 7th Pipeline Technology Conference

Conference will take place in the Hannover Congress Centrum from March 28 to March 30, 2012

Adapter captures advanced diagnostic data from field devices

Helps improve the flow of information and gives operators the data they need to make the right decisions

UK must 'speed up the move to carbon capture'

Failure to invest is placing coal jobs at risk, warn unions

Increased speeds in automated electronic assembly systems

Couplings provide high torsional stiffness, zero backlash and low hysteresis

High-temperature models added to pyrometer series

Raytek's 1M/2M measuring heads for the shortwave spectrum cover a wide temperature range and improve measurement accuracy

Analysis platform for FlexRay devices and systems

Allows sending of FlexRay messages for stimulation or configuration of bus nodes using pre-defined transmission lists

Sub-miniature micro switch offers enhanced reliability

Two-stage bottom housing with different levels designed to prevent flux penetration

Laser scanner provides 3D profiles of rotary pistons

Manufacturer using scanners and laser displacement sensors to measure surface profiles and position of rotary pistons


Versatility key in level measurement technology

The latest level measurement technologies can cope with dust, noise, strong air currents and corrosive atmospheres - while being robust, accurate and low-maintenance. Sean Ottewell reports

A firm hand on the gauge

Manual gauging is not usually associated with advanced technology but recent developments by one manufacturer working in this sector have taken the concept onto a different plane. Andre Odermatt reports.

Tougher standards drive new materials development

Demand for new materials remains strong in the automobile, coatings and paper manufacturing markets - driven largely by tougher regulatory requirements. Sean Ottewell reports

Why taking an active role in safety is good for business

Plant safety and company profitability are very closely linked, says Dr Andrew Fowler

Achema 2012: Process industries on the move

The process industries are on the move in more than one respect. New players have to be taken into account, and the need for cross-industry communication is now increasing. Dr Kathrin Ruebberdt reports

Mini loss-in-weight feeder

Typical applications include laboratory and test facilities for feeding extruders, mixers, mills and granulators

What's next after Lean?

To be able to compete, businesses need to differentiate themselves by providing products or services faster, better and at a lower cost. Jason Barclay reports

Contamination control made easier ... and better

While cleaning hose and tube assemblies has traditionally been done using a fluid flushing method, a relatively new 'dry' technique is gaining popularity. Eric Van Alphen reports

Prepare for operational excellence in the hydrocarbon industry

Today's global marketplace puts ever-increasing demands on process manufacturers. With fewer resources and growing competitive pressures, plants need a comprehensive approach to solving automation lifecycle needs. Mansour Belhadj reports

Flow meter advances driven by harsh environments, accuracy and cost

Process operators need flow meter solutions that can withstand ever more challenging environments - but which are also cost-effective. Eugene McCarthy reports.

Protective clothing key to safety in hazardous areas

Developments in textile technology are ensuring that protective clothing is now safer. Eugene McCarthy reports




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