USB Type-C plug & go power supply

Jon Lawson

Stadium Stontronics has added a 60 watt USB Type-C power supply to its Plug & Go range.

USB-C is the new standard for charging and transferring data, widely used in laptops, tablets, phones and a wide range of equipment manufacturer applications that use Type-C USB connectors, such as Android phones and Apple Macbook.

The new T6560ST power supply auto-senses the voltage required from the device it is plugged into, allowing the power supply to be connected to the device without changing any settings.

The power supply is less than 31.5mm in height (with the head not installed), reducing the overall packaging size of the customers’ product compared to fixed head AC plug-top units.

The USB output connector is reversible and has an output voltage of 5VDC–20VDC to maximum 60W.

The Stontronics range of ‘Plug & Go’ products are supplied with a choice of AC heads for UK, USA, EU and Australia compatibility.