Temperature profiling in automotive paint shops

Paul Boughton

The new Datapaq AutoPaq temperature logger connects up to 20 thermocouples, enabling highly detailed thermal profiling of automotive paint, adhesive, and sealant cure processes plus full validation and reporting compliant with Qualicoat, ISO9000, and CQI-12.

It provides a measurement accuracy of ±0.3°C and full connectivity options, including Bluetooth and USB download as well as real-time data transfer via radio.

A large memory for 3.6 million data points and intelligent trigger functions allow for up to 10 consecutive profiling runs for time-saving monitoring of a series of heat treatments, for instance e-coat, primer, base coat, and clear coat curing.

Users can freely set different measuring intervals for different ovens and later download separate files for each process. A complete software toolkit covers all aspects of automotive paint cure processes.

An SPC (statistical process control) function highlights oven trends and enables users to correct problems before they incur costs, for instance for rework or rejects. Ramp-up analysis allows users to prove their process against paint suppliers’ specifications and eliminate solvent pop issues.

Datapaq’s process optimisation tool automatically and accurately predicts the effect of altered parameters such as process temperature and line speed. This speeds up process set-up and line changes and helps improve overall line performance and energy utilisation. The AutoPaq product family also comprises a range of silicone-free barriers that ensure safe and contamination-free operation time after time.