Service-based concept

Louise Davis

Ramiz Selimbasic presents an oil and gas concept that offers advantages for every user

There is hardly a company active in the on- and offshore technology sectors that can manage without some outside help on what are very complex projects. For requirements such as these, a service-based concept offered by an expert in the sector provides valuable support in many ways.

For weldless flange and fitting connectors for tubing, Parker Engineered Services provides the user with all of the critical services, from consultation through to design, manufacture and installation of hydraulic tube systems. In the Complete Piping Solutions (CPS) manufacturing centres that are on almost every continent, large-format tubes and flanges are designed, produced, connected up to a to a complete system, delivered straight to the installation location and there finally assembled by experienced Parker technicians, all in accordance with customer requirements.

In the first instance, the system engineers determine the customer‘s requirements and on this basis develop a tubing layout design with drawings and documentation. After clearance by the customer, outside tube diameters up to 273mm are cold-formed on the latest CNC bending machines. This enables bend radii from 2 x D to 3 x D to be achieved, according to requirement. The end-finished, cleaned tubes are then assembled to customer requirements and delivered to the central warehouse for onward despatch.

Then, if required, Parker experts undertake the assembly, washing and final inspection of the tubing system. This service offers customers the possibility of significantly reorganising their own personnel and thus saving costs. Besides the complete programme, the customer can also call up individual services as required.

Another important component of this concept is the on-site container programme that complements the CPS service. For larger projects that stretch out over a longer time period, containers are kept ready at the construction site. Amongst others, the tubing and hose materials required for the project are stored there and processed on modern machines.

On-site containers

The on-site containers have effectively ‘got the lot’ – standard equipment includes the EO2-Form F3 forming machine, the Parflange 170 and Parflange 50 machines as well as units such as the Parflare Eco device for preparing Triple-Lok connectors. The machinery park is supplemented by equipment such as workbenches and can also be arranged in accordance with individual customer requirements. Generally tubes from 6mm to 60mm can be bent and machined with this set-up. Sizes exceeding this range are produced in CPS centres represented worldwide.

The F3 WorkCenter is representative of the workshop principle of the on-site container – this machine works completely automatically and contains the appropriate tools for tube manipulation. Tool insertion and change prove themselves to be almost child’s play because of the handling equipment specially developed for them. Thanks to automatic tool recognition, the user has only to press the start button; tube sizes from 6mm to 38/42mm can be machined in one pass with a cycle time of 20 seconds for EO2-Form or EO-3 connectors.

The Pro22 WorkCenter builds on the F3 WorkCenter design and because of its powerful drive and effective cooling is suitable for the mass production of small-to-medium tube diameters (6mm - 22mm). The cycle time comes out at a fast six seconds, allowing this machine to operate extremely quietly and with minimum vibration.

Considerably smaller but no less efficient is the easily operable Parflare Eco machine, which is used specially for flaring tubes for Triple-Lok hydraulic connectors. The electric drive represents a clear power and time saving for the user because this machine weighs comparatively little and is therefore easy to transport.

The advantages of the on-site container programme are clear. Time-saving on-site assembly, short transportation distances, machine set up by Parker and the release of the company’s own personnel resources through the use of competent Parker experts make this concept highly interesting for the customer.

Once a project is completed, thoughts will eventually turn to preventive maintenance. Here, the Parker Tracking System Pro (PTS Pro) has proved to be very helpful. The tubing and flange systems are provided with a barcode. The information stored on the barcode – such as tube dimensions, material variants and manufacturing dates – is made visible via a scanner and the exact replacement of the components required can be initiated within minutes. Even if such an emergency does not occur, the PTS Pro serves as a primary planned inspection management tool.

The service programme for marine operations is completed by the Parker Marine Services programme: measurements under the sea surface are undertaken with the help of photogrammetry. The experts create special photographs, from which the spatial location or three-dimensional shape of an object is determined. This technology is used for tasks such as salvaging wrecks. Another highlight is the PMS position monitoring system. During the offshore loading of crude oil, this technology guarantees safe, trouble-free media transportation from ship to ship.

In summary

Through a widely diversified and technologically mature service programme, Parker can react to requirements on an individual basis and the optimum solution for the customer can be offered every time.

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Ramiz Selimbasic is with Parker Hannifin

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