Peristaltic pump with separate power switch

Louise Smyth

The new Cole-Parmer Console Gear Pump Drive offers simple variable speed control for fluid handling applications. When coupled with an appropriate gear pump head, it handles system pressures up to 21 bar, differential pressures greater than 5 bar, and flow rates as high as 5850 mL/min, making it suited to applications like pressure filtration, but also for many other laboratory- and industrial-scale continuous-duty flow applications.

These pumps feature 100:1 speed-control to deliver fluid over a wide flow range. A separate power switch enables the operator to maintain the speed setting when turning the drive on or off. Remote control of start or stop is available via a DB9 connector on the back of the drive. Gear pump heads - purchased separately - are available in cavity or suction-shoe configuration and offer smooth, pulseless, repeatable fluid delivery.


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